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10 YEARS! How did it happen?

Actualizado: 29 nov 2023

It all started with an old Chrysler, 6 surfboards, 10 wetsuits and one person. Back in September 2013 I had no idea what I was getting into 😅 It was a very quiet winter, and I was struggling to find a few students to teach what I love the most, surfing! A new year started and after an incredible and motivating meeting with Miguel from Nice Ways Hostels, things were about to change! Our collaboration started the best way and that's when things escalated. A new VW Transporter every year, a bunch of incredible surf instructors (including Tomaz, yes that one) and a lotssss of work! It kept growing and growing, not only in number of students, staff and material but also getting the maturity to hold such structure. It was definitely a hard process but very rewarding to see and to meet so many people! In 2018, we gave another step, we opened our lovely Villa, were we have been ever since! It was another challenge, where we not only had to manage a surf school but also the entire accommodation operation. With the huge help of Bica, Pipoca, Ale, Kayla, Pasquelito & many others, we set the place up in 1 month and the new adventure started! This year, this month, we celebrate 10 years of many crazy stories, surf sessions, sunsets, bbq's and more important, many incredible FRIENDS that we consider FAMILY! Let's keep making this family bigger and strength the connections made until now 💙 Down bellow you can see a few iconic videos & podcast of our amazing journey along this 10 years!

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