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Alvaro's Studio

Located 5min walking from our Villa, Alvaro’s studio is the perfect option for those who want some privacy, but also access to everything we offer. Or, in other words: you can have all the piece want, but still come over to the Villa to enjoy the swimming pool and the bar, to join our dinners, or just to spend some time with the friends you made during the surf lessons.

What made this opportunity even more interesting was the chance to partner with a living legend of the Cascais surf scene. Alvaro owns arguably the most influential surfboard factory in Portugal, POLEN. Started in 1988, the brand helped surfers such as Justin Mujica, Frederico Morais, Miguel Blanco and many others to reach their full potential. It is also responsible for bringing some of the world’s best shapers to Cascais. As for Alvaro himself, he is a interesting and well-travelled man. Born in Angola, he grew up in Brazil before moving to Portugal. After exploring our beautifull country, he settled in Cascais. His story then underwent many twists that took him around the world, but he finally got his dream home here in Murches in 2010, right next to our beloved Panisol.

The combination of travel and surf is so obvious that we could not miss this chance. And, if you are lucky, you might even get to say hi and learn something new (keep you expectations low, however, as he travels a lot). also tasting a bit of Cascais surf history.

As for the studio itself, it has a clean decoration, fits 2 people, and offers:

- A comfy double bed;

- Desk to work;

- Private bathroom;

- Small Kitchenette for simple meals (if you want a feast, you will have to come say hi at the Villa);

- Sunny balcony with a table outside-

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, you can book on our website and we will send you all the information once the booking is confirmed (how to get there, how to walk to the villa, where to buy food, surf schedule, etc.)

We are excited about this new offer and hope you can come and see it for yourselves!

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