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Welcome summer ☀️

As I am writing this, most of our Staff is heading into Algés for the Nos Alive music festival. Everyone looks pretty and, most importantly, happy. Its 30ª Celsius outside and it will cool down just enough for them to dance into the wee hours of the night. The plan sounded so good that several guests decided to join. Tomorrow everyone will go surfing — or working — and the ocean will cleanse their sins.

But what does this have to do with summer? Everything, because this is summer. Nice weather, tanned skin, salty hair, long days, last minute plans, long warm nights, happy faces. There is a general weightlessness, a sense of laissez-faire to the days, which easily turn into weeks, which turn into months. A pool-side nap just creeps into our bodies, unannounced. One beer turns into a dancing marathon. You go for the first lesson, but the weather is so nice that you decide to spend the whole day at the beach. And why not? This is not the time to sow, but to reap.

Indeed, even for us who work here, most of the planning is already done. We still have to work, and often hard, but this work also feels like a reward. Because we love welcoming everyone and giving them this sense of summer, this sense of freedom, in which we ultimately partake. We’ll join you in the pool in between surfs, we’ll share a meal on the tables outside, we’ll have a few beers with you on the barbecue. And the next day we’ll still push you to progress your surfing skill. And we love the latter just as much as all the former.

Welcome summer! :)

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