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Hello Fall, we missed you 💛

Fall is just the beginning!

I feel like we celebrate September / October every year. One might argue that this happens because it marks the beginning of the end. The hope of well deserved rest starts blowing like a mild offshore in a crisp morning. But the reality is that the we only get the offshores, complemented by glassy days. There is no rest for the wicked, as they say. And, as you probably saw during our 10th anniversary, there are no saints around here…

So, if we do not get to rest much, why are we so happy to welcome September, even after 6 months of hard work? The answer is rather simple: the waves are GOOOD! Storms in the middle of the Atlantic send long-period swells and warm water, whereas the winds from the north die down. Air temperature hovers around 25 degrees, water temps rise to 18º. Days still pack twelve hours of opportunity, and the fact that most people are back to work makes it even better.

All this means that September is to surfers what march is to most people: a promise. A promise of waves, of being back to our empty beaches, of light winds and beautiful days. But it is also the promise of Autumn and winter. Soon swells will rise and bring to life some of our favourite waves. Soon the colder days will guarantee uncrowded lineups. Soon we will get barrelled (Insh’alla!).

Now, if you want to progress your surfing ability, this is the time to come. For between now and 18th of December (when we close for a very short period - 10 days), there will be plenty of opportunities to up your game. Hence why we offer our intensive intermediate corses in November (1st-5th - fully booked & 8th-12th - two places left).

But if you are a beginner, worry not. There is always a wave to learn on, and you will surely be happier in the ocean than in the office (sorry if you email waited a couple of hours for a reply ;)).

Welcome fall, the best of old friends!

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