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What is a green wave?

We keep saying the expression ''green wave'' and probably makes you wonder if all waves are green or some are blue!? 😂

It's totally not related with the color itself but with the type of wave / foam your are surfing. In order to distinguish a white water from a wave we use the expression ''green wave'', instead of just saying ''wave''. Mostly because a white water is also a wave, but already broken. Makes sense?

Please check the examples below:

Top images: White water surfing

Bottom images: Green waves surfing

But what is so special about surfing ''green waves''?

You don't want to be stuck catching white waters forever right?

Ridding a proper wave is everyone's goal in surfing! That's when you feel the true speed, the drop adrenaline (going down the wave) and you can practice turning left & right.

The biggest challenge is to finding suitable green waves to your level and being able to reach the ''outside'' (behind, where the waves break). Starting with very small green waves is ideal and helps you finding that perfect timing to stand up. That timing is probably one of the hardest things in surfing and that's why the instructors push and screaming ''get up'' 😅 is crucial in this stage.

The best is to have different locations, that have different wave sizes, according to the geography of the beach (more or less exposed to the swell). This way you can find suitable green waves everyday, even with different swell sizes and wind directions. For this you need more time and more search

This is exactly what we do in our Intense Courses. Looking for the best waves around Cascais to your level in a larger km radius. In order to better cover what is ''your level'' and what is a suitable green wave for you, we did some small changes in our level titules & descriptions:

LEVEL 2 : INTERMEDIATE - Already knows the basics and is starting to turn left & right. Rides small green waves and uses a softboard or hardboard. The teacher is in the water helping with positioning, catching waves and finding the right timing to stand up and ride the waves to the side.

 LEVEL 3: INDEPENDENT - Independent in the water that turns left & right with ease. Starting to explore different parts of the wave (up & down) and small cutbacks. Rides green waves up to 1m and uses a hardboard. The teacher is in the water helping with positioning or outside filming when it's small.

Surfing around Lisbon

Intermediate level surfer (Chenyang) going right in a medium green wave during our latest intermediate intense course.

Peniche surftrip

Independent level surfer (Birte) practising a cutback on a medium green wave during our day trip to Peniche in the latest edition of the independent level intense course.

Since surfing is one of the biggest subjective sports (or lifestyle!?), we are always wondering, was that a proper green wave? What is a comfortable / suitable wave size for me? Which level am I?

No worries about the answers, the goal is to have fun and learn something every single session!

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