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Intermediate course breakdown.

Over the past two seasons we have been experimenting with intermediate intensive courses. The initial goal was to meet the needs of students who had been coming back for years, but now wanted to step up their game. The format changed from last year to this, but the basic concept remained the same: the maximum amount of coaching within short windows, with flexibility to go where the best conditions are.

The first editions met harsh forecasts, whereas this year we found better conditions. However, we were underprepared and overworked after a grueling season. We are therefore yet to reach the quality we always strive to have.

After getting feedback from all these editions, here is the updated version for next season.

The package includes:

- 4 nights;

- 3 surfing days with the best waves around (2 sessions a day):

- 3 video coaching sessions (1 per day):

- 4 dinners;

- 1 yoga lesson;

- Extra activities (forecast analyses, surf breaks explanations, skate carve session to work on posture and surf positions, etc.).

To give you a better idea of what this actually looks like, we will break it down into days

(Note: this is a general breakdown of the days, but we are always flexible and willing to adapt to conditions and group needs.)


Wednesday is arrival day. The package does not include lessons on this day, but if you can fly in early, you can still squeeze in a preparation surf. What the pack does include is a family dinner, which is meant to break the ice between all participants and to fuel everyone’s body and spirits for Friday. We also take the opportunity to talk a bit about the forecast ahead and ask a few goals and struggles off the attendees to work on it.


Time to get to work. We will plan the sessions according to tides and conditions, but the goal is to get two 2h sessions throughout the day. Some students told us that it is perhaps best to film the second session instead of the first, as this allows you to get your feet in the wax. This can obviously be discussed with the group and we are happy to accommodate what our students believe to be more beneficial.

Depending on the tides and the interval between lessons, the video-coaching will happen either in between lessons (in which case the first lesson will be filmed) or before dinner. In these coming editions we will focus on a more detail-oriented and technical video-coaching. If the goal is to improve, we really must go into the nitty-gritty.

The day will then finish with another shared dinner. You can encourage and make fun of each other and discuss your surfing progress.


Depending on the previous day, we will work on different things. The goal is to find a continuous progression, so we will pick up where we left off yesterday. But the structure remains the same: 2 lessons, 1 video-coaching session and a dinner to wrap up the day.

With the first day nerves shaken off, this is a good day for a surf trip. If we can, we will find some good waves in the vicinity and pull off a long day of surfing. If that is the case, we will probably come back to the villa for some relaxing yoga, and then we will go over the footage before a well-deserved dinner!


Saturday is the last day and, if you can stay until Sunday (this night is included in the pack), there are still two lessons to be had. From previous experience, this is when your confidence is growing, but also when the body starts feeling tired. We will therefore try to train all the technical aspects we have been studying in the video-coaching sessions, so you can really maximize your experience and give it all you can. The video coaching this day will probably happen after the lessons, so we can do a final balance of the experience and give you some homework for next time.

The day will then finish with a farewell dinner to celebrate your surfing progress and the friendships you made. Here we also check if everyone achieved their personal goals and do an overall conclusion of the course. We always welcome honest feedback and points to improve :)


Just like Wednesday, there are no lessons booked for your departure date. However, if you have flexible times, you can maybe book an extra lesson. Check out is at 11h00, but you can leave your stuff with us and go surfing, if you are so lucky. The more surfing the better, right?

Overall goals

The main goals for these courses are:

- To find less crowded conditions, where you can catch as many waves as you can;

- To limit the group to maximum 6 students, so that everyone gets enough attention;

- To be very flexible according to the students needs & forecast;

- To go more into detail as regards positioning, wave reading and technique;

- To give you individual feedback that address your specific needs.

If you feel like this is something you are interested in, let us know. We will try our best to help you reach that next level in surfing performance and, most importantly, fun!

Confirmed dates for the 2023 editions:

1) 1st - 5th March 2023

2) 15th - 19th March 2023

more dates to come for November 2023 ;)

Book now via

*remember that this course is only for intermediate / advanced surfers who are fully independent in the water and want to improve on their technical aspects.

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