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October, Oh October!

October, Oh October!

Most of Europe is getting colder. If you are high up in the mountains, you can even find

some snow. Meanwhile, our rectangle-shaped country by the sea is warm and sunny.

Yes, you could use a sweater in the evening, but midday by the pool is still a pleasure

on your skin.

The best thing about October is, however, the surf. Think light winds and

groundswells. With such perfect conditions, we can choose from a number of different

beaches. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate surfer, October has

something for you. And to top that off, the water temperature is higher than during

the summer, due to the west swells we receive at this time of the year.

Another great thing about fall around here is — and please forgive our romantic soul

— the light. The intense summer sunshine is replaced by a warmer, softer light, in

which everything becomes more beautiful. Be it a sunset by the ocean or a morning

walk by the hills around us, you can’t help to feel it. And if you really want to

experience this, take a field trip to Lisbon. The white cobblestones and orange

rooftops transform sunrays better than any Instagram filter.

October, oh October! How we have missed you!

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