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COVID-19 - Safety Implementations & Changes


1) Surf Villa shared rooms capacity reduced to 50%.

We can guarantee a minimum 2m separation between beds. Rooms are very spacious and have lots of natural ventilation (2 windows per room min).

2) Guests:

- No shoes or sandals inside the Villa;

- Hands washing or disinfected every time getting in the Villa;

- Covering nose & mouth with a flexed elbow or paper tissue when coughing or sneezing and disposing immediately of the tissue and performing hand hygiene;

- Not shake hands or greet people / say goodbye with a hug or kiss on the check (shakas only);

- Instant feedback from any symptoms (fever, dry cough or tiredness).

3) Common Areas:

- Cleaned & disinfected every 4h;

- Kitchen can only be used by 1 person or friend group at the same time;

- Living room has 3 main areas than can be occupied at the same time – while everyone is sited;

- Plenty of outside space and 4 different tables very well spread;

- Breakfast – people can serve themselves when there is nobody else – 2m distance.

- If this distances and measures can’t be assured, the use of mask is mandatory.

4) Common Toilets:

- Clean & disinfected every 3h;

- Disinfected after each shower;

- Large and with windows for maximum ventilation;

- Not shared at the same time.

5) Check-in & Payments:

- No need for presential check-in / Web Check-In available and very easy to do at home or while traveling.

- Full payment can be done before arrival (bank transfer) or card / contact less available.

- Presential check in can be inside using mask or outside without.

6) Activities:

YOGA: Mostly outside and in small groups (around 5pax). 2m distance between persons and no physical contact.

Video / Photo coaching: Spacious living room with couches spread in different areas to secure a safety distance.

Other: All activities will be organized thinking about our social distancing policy but still maintaining the reason we are together and enjoying surf holidays ;)

7) Staff: Surf Cascais is a very small company with minimum staff rotation. Our team is well trained & informed to control these measures. We constant check our temperature and signs for any symptoms. The health of our staff and guests is our number 1 priority.

8) Contingency Plan – We have a well described and written contingency plan in case any guest or staff member is infected with COVID-19. There is a special room at the Villa for any guest than can be exposed to the virus.


1) Surf Lessons capacity reduced to smaller groups (4 students per instructor);

2) Briefings & warm-up at the sand in smaller groups (max 4 students + 1 instructor) and always with 2m between each person;

3) Distance of 4m between persons in the water, either on the foams or sitting outside;

4) Priority to go to local beaches (Carcavelos & Guincho) & choosing the lessons schedule when there are less people at the beach and surfing. (Weekdays, early mornings or evenings – every time possible);

5) Transportation:

- 2/3 of the normal capacity;

- Mandatory the use of mask inside the vans (staff & guests);

- Clean & disinfected every day.

6) Hands disinfection (Alcohol) before and after the lessons;

7) Always covering nose & mouth with a flexed elbow or paper tissue when coughing or sneezing and disposing immediately of the tissue and performing hand hygiene;

8) Surf Cascais is responsible for the correct cleaning and disinfection of all equipment’s used during the surf lessons (surfboards, wetsuits, vans, etc.).


1) Early lessons and weekdays – less surfers and people at the beach.

2) If you have a wetsuit, please bring it! Always better to use your own.

3) Don’t share bottles of water, sun protectors, towels, surfboards, etc.

4) Respect all these measures for the safety and comfort of everyone.


We have the ‘’Clean & Safe’’ stamp from the Tourism of Portugal for both School & Villa. We need your help to assure that all measures take place and the heath of all staff and other clients.


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