5 reasons why Cascais should be your next surf destination

Portugal is an amazing place. More correct, Cascais is. The country in general, has gained some attention of its world class waves for some time now, and the surf locations and options for your surf trip are piling up. So now when the summer is right around the corner and it’s time to start planning your summer trips, (think sun-kissed skin, salty hair and a beer in your hand) we want to make your decision easier. Looking for beginner / intermediate waves or just a relaxed surf holiday on your own? Cascais might help you out with that. We could make the list long as a book, but we will hold it short and consist. Here are 5 reasons why Cascais might just be exactly for you.

1. The warm climate and short distance

It is late May, you are sitting at home listening to the non-stopping raindrops falling outside the window, starting yet another Netflix episode, with the hope of warm weathers slowly fading away. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

Well not here in Portugal. Being one of the most southern countries in Europe, we are blessed with a summer weather starting from late April, ending in early November. And folks, this means shorts and blond hair for more than 7 months of the year. Doesn’t sound bad, right?

The best part is, Lisbon is reachable by only a couple of hour flight from most parts in Europe. After flying to Lisbon, you only have a 35 min way to get to Cascais, where the surfing and fun begins.

2. Combine the best of both worlds

Cascais is located 30 km outside of Lisbon, making it the ideal place for combining splashing in the waves with strolling around in the city.

Lisbon is a buzzling city filled with winding old streets and colorful rustic houses. This cozy and charismatic city will easily steal your heart!

From Cascais you reach Lisbon in only 35 min, by a direct train going straight to the center.

After days of surfing and sun, you can choose to visit one of Lisbons’ many attractions, or simply enjoy a shopping day in the calm shadowed streets of Lisbon.

Feeling too lazy to go all the way to Lisbon? No worries, Cascais will offer you a true village vibe with beautiful old castles and picturesque scenarios. The village is filled with old palaces from the glory kingdom days, and surrounded by beaches in all forms. Grab an ice-cream and walk along the romantic boulevard next to the sea, or enjoy a seafood dinner in one of the many restaurants this privileged tourist destination has to offer.

3. Best place for learning- year around

When choosing your prime spot to learn how to surf or go on a surf holiday, it is important to consider the conditions the place is offering, especially if you are learning. Good conditions will make you learn faster and progress in to surfing with a lot more confidence.

We have a variety of beaches we teach in, and there is always a beach that is more protected than others. This meaning, we will always find the best conditions for the students to learn. When the winter months finally arrive and the bigger swells are filling in, it is still not a problem to find beaches that offers great conditions for both experienced surfer as well as learners. This combined with the warm temperatures year around, makes the winter months excellent for your surf holiday.

For the experienced surfers, there are countless of beaches to choose from, with the dramatic Guincho in the north, to the cool longboarder wave in Sao Pedro Estoril.