A Day at the Surf Cascais Villa

So, you are considering joining us this summer for a week of surfing and sunshine at the Surf Cascais Surf Villa? But you are unsure on what to expect? Is it going to be some kind of army camp for surfers? How much surfing experience do I need? Can I come alone? What is the accommodation like? What else can I do there? So many questions.

Well to help put your mind at ease we have created a simple blog that demonstrates a sample day in the life of a guest of the villa. So without further ado, here’s the lo-down on what we get up to everyday at the Surf Cascais Villa.

Breakfast from 08:00 – 10:00

When you wake up in to that delicious Portuguese sunshine, take your time to get ready and head downstairs to our breakfast area. Here we will have a wholesome and healthy buffet breakfast ready every morning. Take the time to fuel yourself for the day ahead with some cereals, yogurt, fresh bread, fruit and more. Have a glass of fresh orange juice, or kick start your day with some hot coffee or tea.

Morning Surf Lesson

Every day we have two surf lessons, depending on the surf school pack that you have, you can take part in either one or both of those classes every day. The first one will be in the morning shortly after breakfast and the second in the afternoon. At this time, we pack the vans while you relax and prepare for your lesson before eventually heading for the beach. We arrive, get changed, begin the lesson and it’s time to surf! The lesson lasts for 2 hours, during which you will warm up and go through some surf theory on the beach with your instructor before hitting the waves to put that theory into practice. Your instructor will stay with your group in the water, ensuring maximum safety and delivering the best feedback so you can have the most fun possible. When the lesson is finished, we get changed and head back to the villa.


After returning from the first lesson you will have some time relax and whip up something to eat. While the times of our lessons change every day due to the tides and conditions, we know better than anyone that surfing is hungry work and we always make sure that you have enough time to eat between lessons. So, make the most of our fully equipped kitchen and prepare something delicious. Take some time to chill, and maybe even go for a quick dip in our pool.

Afternoon Lesson & Yoga

Now it’s time for our second lesson of the day. With the same procedure as the first lesson, those of you that are surfing twice per day will head for the beach again and enjoy some more time on the waves. Those of you that are not surfing can take this time to do whatever you please, be it discovering the area a little bit, chilling out in the garden by the pool, heading to nearby Cascais or Sintra for some sightseeing or even heading back to the beach just to relax. In most cases, our yoga lessons mostly take place in the afternoon by the pool. Giving those of you with our surf and yoga packs the chance to come back from a day of surfing to stretch out and really relax. Perfect preparation for the night ahead.

Night Time; Dinners & Drinks

If haven’t already started to make some new friends and get to know your fellow surfers, nights at the villa are the perfect chance. During the regular nights, you can have a drink and chat with people from all over the world. On certain nights of the week you will have the chance to join our weekly dinners, our favorite being our BBQ on Thursdays. These nights are an excellent way to have some fun with the staff and other guests. At 23:00hrs, it’s quiet time in the Villa, so you can opt for a quiet night in and catch some sleep before tomorrow’s surfing or you decide to venture further with a trip to Cascais or Lisbon for some partying and dancing.

And then we wake up and do it all over again the next day…

Of course, these are just our guidelines. You will always have the freedom to spend your days at the villa in your way. The important thing is to just have fun, make new friends and enjoy your time with us in and out of the water.

Interested in coming to experience the villa for yourself? Take a look at our surf & yoga packs on our website. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for a daily view of life at Surf Cascais.

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