5 Things to do at our Villa without a Car

Our Surf Villa is no longer located in the busy streets of Cascais that are full of tourists and noise! We now sit in the small, typically Portuguese village named Murches just a few minutes driving from Cascais. For those who want to escape the crowd, and those who want to relax, our Villa is in the perfect location! Despite it being outside of the center of Cascais, there are plenty of things to do around here without having to drive! In this article we will present you 5 things you can do around the Villa, without having to use a car, or even a bike!

Walk to Guincho Beach

Our summer office, Guincho beach, is not only famous for its waves, but also for its landscape. Surrounded by pure nature, here you can relax in the beach or walk around the national park “Urbano das penhas do marmeleiro” that starts right next to the Villa and ends up in Guincho. There is a wooden path to follow and admire the Portuguese nature, trees, small bushes and of course the famous sand dunes. The whole walk will take you around 45 minutes!

Enjoy your Dinner in Charming Murches

We don’t have as many food options around the Villa, but we are lucky because the few that we have are actually amazing! The village of Murches is home to the small family run Cataplana the Sabores, a take away place that offers traditional Portuguese food at low prices. Enjoy fresh squid and shrimp or the classic bacalhau, just 5 minutes away from the Villa! We are also walking distance from the Colecção d'Aromas, another traditional Portuguese restaurant that serves delicious food. And on the way to Malveira da Serra we have the wonderful Restaurante Quinta do Farta Pão. Even more magnificent Portuguese food surrounded by the magical and wild Sintra landscapes.

Enjoy a Typical Portuguese Pastry at Panisol

Nothing beats a delicious snack after a surf session! In less than 10 minute walk from the Villa you will find Panisol, probably the most typical café chains in the whole country! It is a local’s favorite spot and you can enjoy a shot of espresso, a double shot if you are hard core and of course one of the many Portuguese deserts! You will straggle a bit choosing what to eat, but we can guarantee that everything tastes amazing!


We are a surf community after all, so when we are not surfing or getting some rest in between the session, we take our skateboards and surf the streets! Apart from being a great way of exercise that also helps improve your surfing skills, it’s also super fun! So whether you are a pro skateboarder or you’ve never tried it before, ask one of our staff, grab a skateboard and go! The streets around the Villa are the perfect playground!

Playbowling Cascais

It’s time to bring your inner child back! Just a 20 minute walk from the Villa, you will find “Playbowiling Cascais” with lots of different activities to please your soul! From bowling to laser tag, bubble football to crazy cart and paintball, whatever you choose we are sure you’ll have a blast!

Of course, these are just a small number of the many ways to enjoy your time around our Villa. However the possibilities are endless and we are always more than happy to recommend many, many more great activites ;) Come, pay us a visit and find out for yourself.

You can find out more information about our surf camp and lessons on our website or if you have any queries, feel free to e-mail us at info@surfcascais.com.

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