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The Surf Cascais Family: Why Dylan loves to return

At Surf Cascais, one thing that makes us incredibly happy and proud is when we get to meet guests for the second time. We make a lot of amazing friends in Cascais every summer and when some friends choose to return for more good times, it’s something that we truly appreciate.

Dylan came from Switzerland to visit us last summer and was part of an amazing full surf school pack that was filled with all kinds of fun. From sunny surfing days to crazy BBQ nights! During that time we all got to know Dylan a lot, and he became part of the Surf Cascais family making friends with both guests and staff.

This summer, Dylan decided to return to us for more surfing action… but this time for two weeks! We spent some time catching up with him and all he had been doing at home, we surfed and had some fun Cascais summer nights.

We also had the chance to sit down and talk to him about what makes Surf Cascais so special for him and why he loves to return. Check out our video above and hear everything that Dylan had to say about his Surf Cascais family.

If you’re interested in the perfect summer surf camp holiday in the coming months, check out our website and the packages that we offer. And if you’re still not convinced by what Dylan had to say, follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more of our daily adventures.

We would love to meet you and for you to be the next member of the Surf Cascais family.

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