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What a Summer!

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

And so much more still to come...

So far this summer has been full of excitement, sunny days and plenty of waves. Here at Surf Cascais, once again our summer has been filled with more amazing people from all over Europe and the world, more BBQ nights by the pool and most importantly, more waves and beach days! We think it’s fair to say that so far, summer has not disappointed.

And there is lots more to come. August is still only getting started and our favourite month of the year is just around the corner; September. Here in Portugal, the weather at the end of August and September stays incredibly pleasant, meaning the BBQ nights and poolside days will keep going, all while the waves and conditions will start to get even better. Meaning even more surfing and time in the water!

To get excited for the coming weeks as we approach the second half our Portuguese summer in August and September take a look back at our favourite parts of our Summer so far:

Check out Weekly Adventures

Check out all of our weekly videos out on our Facebook page and the fun for yourself. And be sure to keep an eye out for more uploaded over the coming weeks.

The Surf Cascais Family

Hear what Dylan has to say about returning to surf with his friends at Surf Cascais.

Check out the best Photos of the Summer so far:

What a summer it has been already! And as we said above, there is still some much yet to come! Come and join us for more great days and nights in Cascais. Making new friends, finding amazing experiences and above all catching all, catching waves under the Portugues sun. To find out more information on our Surf Camp packages at our villa head over to our website and check them out. You can also follow our daily adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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