Solid Surf for Everyone this March

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

This March,’s recommended surfing destination is none other than our very own Portugal. Why? For, “Culture, Variety, and Lots of Waves” of course!

Our coastline offers surf breaks that face a variety of directions, which means there are plenty of options for all surfers. This is also very true in our own specific coastline in Cascais. In Portugal, we are lucky to be typically far enough south to avoid the direct weather impacts of the North Atlantic storms but the coast is still open to the swell benefit from these storms.

According to surfline’s monthly forecast, “An active North Atlantic storm track for the first couple weeks of March produces plenty of solid surf for Portugal”. It looks like there will be a nice variety for all surfers as “Conditions will vary through the first five to seven days of the month, allowing you to sample a variety of breaks with more than enough swell running to turn most spots on”. Meanwhile it looks like we’ll see “a more manageable swell through the middle of the month, good news for the intermediate, travelling surfer”.

Looks like we can all look forward to a month of good surf for everybody, demonstrating once again why Portugal is one of the best surfing destinations on the planet.

If want to be a part of all of the surfing action, come and join us this Spring. Check out our Surf Villa packages on our website. You can also simply take a surf lesson when you visit Lisbon or Cascais.

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