Meet the Team: José Bica

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Meet our head coach and surf school manager, José Bica.

Simply known as Bica within the Surf Cascais family, the Sintra local, Portuguese man turned legend is an all round waterman who is happiest when surrounded by the ocean.

Bica has been a swimmer all his life but started surfing with his friends at around 17, after getting a scooter which allowed him the freedom to surf more often. He talks about how the wrong board at the time lead to a frustrating but addictive introduction to surfing, how the people within his environment learned by surfing together as friends and watching surf movies.

These days when he is not giving surf lessons, he is either surfing himself or competing in regular triathlon competitions. Bica approaches everything he does in life with a smile on his face and a positive energy that is contagious. Something he says he gets from putting so much into sport throughout his life.

He is almost certainly a huge part of the reason why your Surf Cascais experience was (or will be) so memorable!

Listen to the full interview here:

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