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E-Bicas — E-bike tours by the master himself, José Bica 🚴🏼

The first time I saw Bica, he had just cycled from his home in Parede to the center of Cascais. The fact that he was teaching for the first time made me question his means of transportation. Did he know that this was physically demanding?

It turns out he did. But he was a triathlete and cycling was a part of his training regime. During that first season he would teach two lessons a day, pedal to Peninha in between and still run home, or some variation of this hellish regime. I remember being shocked by his energy and interest in biking, swimming and running.

8 years later, Bica has decided to launch his own business: E-Bicas. Armed with the stoke he is known for, seasons of teaching and sharing his love for nature and sport, a deep knowledge of the Sintra and Cascais mountains and natural parks, he is now offering e-bike tours around the area.

There are several different tours, depending on what you want to see and your fitness level. Main roads are always avoided, thus enabling you to be truly immersed in nature, even if on the way to a cultural destination (or a specialty pastry shop…) . A guaranteed good time, at least if you are into adventure, sports and nature.

So, if you want to do more than just surfing during your holidays, take this into account when booking. You will leave Cascais with a greater appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds us and, most importantly, with a big smile on your face 😄

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