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Get to know Birte, a friend of the house!

Birte is a german girl, old guest & friend of the house, that has been at Surf Cascais approximately 15 times. She also joined us in our trip to the Maldives and is planning to go again next year. Get to know more about all her experience in Portugal & Maldives and stay tuned for some recommendations :)

C: Where are you from? What did you study? Tell us a little bit about your background

B: I'm from Hamburg, the most beautiful city in Germany. I also spent my study time there which ended with a PhD in mechanical engineering. So when I'm not out for surf I'm managing an R&D team for environnemental measurement systems.

C: When did you surf for the first time & where?

B: It happened in Raglan, New Zealand in May 2012. I only took a three day course but that was enough to get me hooked!

C: When was your first time at Surf Cascais? Tell us a little bit about your experience, how did you end up here, etc

B: That must have been in March 2014... such a long time ago! Actually I got there pretty much by accident. It was also my first time in Portugal and I came quite unprepared, just with the vague idea of seeing a new country and surfing some new beaches. Little did I know how life changing that trip would prove to be! Following some recommendation I spent some days at the Nice Way hostel in Sintra. There was a flyer about a partner hostel in Cascais and I made the spontaneous decision to go there and book some surf lessons with Surf Cascais. In those very early days we were only three people in a lesson, David being the only teacher, a handful of soft boards and the Chrysler (already a wreck back then and I'm impressed it's still alive today).

C: How would you describe Portuguese waves and spots?

B: Well, let's be honest - the Atlantic Ocean can be quite powerful. So know your strength and if you're unsure stick with your local surf school. What I love most about portuguese surf is the variety in spots. So no matter how the conditions are, you will likely always find something which fits your level and ambitions.

C: How was your trip to Maldives with Surf Cascais?

B: OUTSTANDING! In all aspects! It's so beautiful, it feels almost unreal even when you're right there sitting in the middle of those perfect waves, having turtles, dolphins and a manta ray passing by. It was also quite a surf-bootcamp! Surfing 2-3 sessions each day for 2-3 hours each plus photo/video coaching each day. After this trip I was the fittest I have ever been in my life and my surf skills on a sure way to the next level. The consistency of the waves allows you to improve so much faster - you see some things to improve in the videos in the evening - and work on that the next day. Also being locked on a boat for 10 days of course only works with an amazing crew and great food.

C: How many times have you been in Portugal already?

B: Oh.... tricky question! 2/3 times per year since 2014... plus volunteering in 2016... somewhere around 15 to 20 times, I guess. But a part of my heart is always there :)

C: What's your opinion about Surf Cascais Villa?

B: I love the villa - it's a perfect place to chill in between surfs. Either by the pool or having a quick nap on one of the super comfy sofas. The way all areas are arranged always make me feel like I'm staying in a big house with many friends. The location is a bit more remote so I prefer having a rental car whenever I'm visiting. However, this means you have very beautiful nature close by which I enjoy on my walks around the villa

C: Who was your very first surf instructor at Surf Cascais and what did he/she teach you that you still remember?

B: It was indeed grande Chefão David Moore himself! I was in the veeeery bad habit of putting my knee on the board when standing up. And he was not happy with that - Whenever that accidently happens now, I still hear him screaming 'the knee!' In my mind

C: Would you recommend Surf Cascais for surfing holidays?

B: I would and I do so anytime :)

C: Any tips for people who are thinking about trying this sport for the very first time?

B: Be as physically fit as you can! You will just enjoy it more when you're arms aren't feeling like falling off. And *never* forget sunscreen :)

If you want to know more about how a day in our villa looks like, do not miss our lately video on youtube: A day with Surf Cascais ! :)

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