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New Breakfast Menu! ☕️

As you probably know, Surf Cascais is not a boutique hotel. Up until now, shared

rooms and a simple breakfast were the ultimate proof of that. The dorms will remain,

rest assured, but now you can stay in them and still have the kind of breakfast many

fancier places would be proud of. The new menu includes:

- Sourdough bread from a local supplier;

- Cold cuts and cheese;

- Portuguese requeijão (goes especially well with jam 🤩;

- Jam, honey and butter;

- Milk (dairy and vegan);

- Dairy and vegan yogurts;

- Lots of Fruit;

- Fresh vegetables;

- Homemade granola and muesli;

- Boiled eggs;

- Cereals;

- Flavored water;

- Tea and coffee.

This upgrade was conceived by our amazing head of F&B, mademoiselle Alizé, who

wanted to create a healthier breakfast that also paid homage to local gastronomy. She

sourced a new bread supplier and we buy a specific kind of loaf made from barbela

wheat, which has been used in traditional Portuguese bakery for centuries and gives

our bread its unique flavor. Typical cold cuts and requeijão, as well as cucumbers and

tomatoes, go especially well with it. But here are also more modern options, such as

vegan yogurt, which can now be complemented with her homemade, sugar-free

granola and a variety of fruits. The pairing options are not endless, but surely enough

to keep your breakfast varied for a week of surfing.

Last but not least, we also offer gluten-free options upon request. Just let us know

before your arrival and we will be happy to get you an equally tasty breakfast to start

the day.

Our goal for this 10th year of Surf Cascais is to do everything we have always done, but

better. And this breakfast is clearly a step in that direction. We will keep you posted on

the others!

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