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Surf Passion with Georgina Ditter

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

In the International Women´s Day we thought about celebrating & commemorating women so we decided to tell the story of one of our team member as a way of bringing you closer to her & to Surf Cascais.

If you have ever been to Carcavelos or Guincho and seen a blonde girl with a huge softboard ripping on big waves, you have spotted Georgina Ditter - or as her friends called her ¨Georgi¨.

Charismatic, full of energy and always smiling, Georgi is part of Surf Cascais Team since 2018. Keep on reading to know more about her experience surfing and how this sport has changed her life.

C: Hi Georgi, please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background. Where are you from? What did you study?

G: That’s the worst two questions to ask me, I’m a bit of a mess!! I say I’m from Oxford but I was born in the Netherlands, lived throughout Europe but mainly in France, my mother is English and my dad is German. In terms of studying I did my bachelor’s in Economics and Maths and then a couple years of Veterinary Medicine. Currently I am doing a masters in Management… As I said a mess!

C: When was the first time you surfed?

G: My very first surf was when I was in Central America, everyone was surfing at the hostel so I decided to give it a try. I loved it but I was moving a lot and too busy climbing volcanoes to really stick to it. A year later I came to Surf Cascais and that is when it all kicked off. I have not actually stopped for much longer than two weeks since then!

C: Who was your surf instructor?

G: I think my very first instructor here was Afonso, I just remember thinking his warm ups were half hilarious, half torture and being so thankful when we got into the water! But afterwards I just remember always being with Steve or Pascal and asking “Are you busy?” incessantly because I wanted a push on a green wave! (Sorry guys!)

C: Why did you choose Portugal?

G: When I first came it was by chance a friend I met traveling had been to Surf Cascais and wouldn’t stop talking about it so I thought why not, since then not sure how but it’s got under my skin, I’m completely hooked and feel so happy here that I don’t have a reason not to live here.

C: Have you surfed in other places?

G: Yes I was super lucky to spend nearly two months in Morocco and three months in Sri Lanka Last year! It was incredible, I surfed so much that’s all I could think of!

C: How many times per week do you surf?

G: At the moment I am still trying to find the balance but I would say at least 5 times a week but more if the conditions allow it. I will always find the time if I can and it’s worth it, even if it’s just 30mins before dark!

C: Is surf the main reason why you are living in Portugal?

G: For sure originally that was the reason, but now I also have so much more going on here! But yes it is undeniable I am not living next to the ocean for nothing!

C: How did you turn to be an instructor?

G: I volunteered for Surf Cascais last April (2019) and was supposed to go to Ericeira after two months but Bica convinced me to stay and teach!

C: Do you enjoy it?

G: I actually love it! I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do but I think if you see other people frothing as much as you in the water then you can’t help but feel happy! I’ve always taught sailing before but this is different, there is immediate reward with surfing and it’s so great to see people stocked to stand up and then go on to catch their first green waves and say “Georgie did you see my wave?” makes me honestly so happy!

C: How has surf changed your life?

G: Well, I’ve moved country and changed degree which is quite a lot already but beyond just being a great hobby, surfing has given me such a great family of friends both in and out of Portugal and I could not be more grateful for that!

C: Any recommendations for people who are starting this new adventure of surfing?

G: Without wanting to be cliché about it you should just go for it. You won’t look glamorous but wow you will have so much fun!

Georgi is the perfect example that is never too late to start surfing and at the end of the day it is all about having fun. You might discover a new world, change country, change job, meet new people and travel around the world looking for new surfing spots.

Congratulations Georgi for your passion & thank you for being part of Surf Cascais Team!

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