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Wake me up, when September waves :)

Have you ever heard the Green Day song Wake me up when September ends? For us will be exactly the ¨same same, but different¨. Why? Because September is actually one of the best months to be in Cascais and we are here to tell you 6 reasons why you should come & visit us not only in the peak of the summer (June, July, August) but also in the following months (Sept,Oct,Nov).

Waves get bigger & better: as we are getting closer to winter, big storms in the middle of the ocean appear with more frequency and that means more swell arriving to the coast ! Waves start rising up & conditions in general get better and better. When waves are too big, we change location to Carcavelos which is always more protected and ¨easier¨ for beginners/intermediates.

Less wind: even though some days can still be windy, most of september days are glassy. Less wind coming from the north = more perfect waves and we know how to get the most of it! The most classic Guincho Days tend to happen in September & great intermediates waves in Carcavelos during October/November.

Sunny days: have you heard that Portugal average sunshine is 290 days a year? That means sunny days and nice temperatures are all year round! :) Going to the beach in Portugal is a whole year activity & so getting tanned - with that neck surfer mark of course ;)

Less people: most schools & universities start in September, summer is ¨coming to an end¨ so beaches and places in general start being less crowded. If you want to avoid confusion, relax but still have great surf sessions you should definitely consider coming to Portugal the last quarter of the year !

It is Cheaper: more and more people have realized that September is a great month to surf in Cascais, so we normally have lots of booking for September in our Villa and is still consider high season. But October is a great month with epic conditions to surf and price get lower since it is considered Mid Season. Then comes November with some nice warm days, bigger waves and ridiculous prices because it is already low season. If you can get some holidays from uni or work we highly recommend coming to Portugal in September, October and November. The rest of Europe will be already starting the winter, but here in paradise we will still have some sunny warm days and of course: loads of surfing!

Temperature of the water: did you know that the sea temperature in Portugal does not vary a lot from summer to winter? This is the main reason why we use 4`3 wetsuits all year round, but warmer water temperatures arrive in September and are in between 18ºC and 20ºC. The rest of the months have an average in between 15ºC and 18ºC .

Are you still thinking too much about it? We have GREAT NEWS for you. This year Surf Cascais is doing a MEGA PROMO for bookings with check in date between October & November:

- 20 % DISCOUNT for 7 night packages

- 10% DISCOUNT for 4 night packages


*All bookings made from September 15th until October 15th 2020.

More info at: www.surfcascais.com

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