Why Surf Cascais during COVID-19?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

1) Portugal as a safe destination.

Since day 1, Portugal has been an example regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. It was one of the most forward-thinking countries in the world: despite having a reasonably low number of infections, it declared a state of emergency pretty early in the pandemic, announcing greater and greater restrictions as the global pandemic progressed. We saw the dramatic examples around us and acted very fast.

Even now, after a lot of restrictions being lifted up, we have very stable growing numbers. There are a lot of important measures in place to control the virus, but still letting the Portuguese people live their life ''normally''.

2) Cascais, where the land meets the ocean.

Due to its geography, Cascais is surrounded by ocean and hills. There is plenty of nature around and most of the area is a natural reserve. This factors generate less population density and a lower rate of contagious. Our Villa is located in the north of Cascais, where the Sintra-Cascais National Park starts and the trees substitute the houses. There is a sense of ''countryside'' in the Village where the house is and plenty of space to go for empty walks.

3) Big Villa, not so many guests.

We are very lucky to have this beautiful and spacious Villa to offer you :) Our common areas are very well ventilated and large. The high celling of the living room and the division in different areas, allow multiple guests to enjoy it without being on top of each other. The rooms and beds are designed to give a sense of space and freshness. The highlight of the house is the garden and big pool, where everyone can find their little corned under the Portuguese sun.

To give an extra space to everyone we defined some rules at the Villa and Surf Lessons. You can read them all HERE. One of the most important is the reduction to 50% occupancy, meaning that the house will have less people for you to safely enjoy it :)

4) Windy Guincho and early lessons: YES PLEASE!

The nightmare of windy Guincho will work in our favor this time. The last scenario we want is a beach full of people and no space to breath. Due to his size and climate (windy & fresh), Guincho is a nightmare for beach lovers who want to chill and sunbath. However, it always has waves and allows us to enjoy super fun surf lessons :) If we go early in the morning, we can still catch clean green waves and not so many people.

5) We are taking the right measures.

Like mentioned before, we are taking a lot of practical measures to assure safety and pure relax during your holidays. Here are a few examples:

a) Surf Villa shared rooms: capacity reduced to 80%;

b) Guests behavior: No shoes at the house, hand washing, social distancing, etc.;

c) Common Areas & Toilets: Limited, extra cleaned, disinfected, etc.;

d) Activities & Surf Lessons: Social distancing, capacity reduction, no material sharing, etc.;

e) Well elaborated contingency plan.

Please read ALL our implemented measures HERE.

We hope this reasons give you an extra commitment to book some unforgettable surf holidays with us. Our main goal is to provide a safe but super fun environment for you to enjoy! See you soon :)

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