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We have a new Surf House! 🏡

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Also located in our beautiful Murches, the Surf House rests quietly in a backstreet, only 5 minutes walking from our original Villa. Also 5 minutes away is Marmeleiro natural park, where you can go for a walk of just gaze at the amazing view.

This setup and location impressed us with their calmness, which perfectly suit our goal with this house: catering to guest who desire more personal space. Indeed, contrary to the Villa, which emphasizes a lively group atmosphere, our Surf House only offers 3 private rooms. Each of them fits up to 2pax each, therefore meaning that you will share a house with 6 people instead of 27... The idea to create such a house came up because the Villa’s private room are always booked months in advance, and oftentimes when we directed people looking for some privacy to our apartment in the city center, they mentioned they would prefer to stay closer to the action. This is our solution: a beautiful house with a fully equipped kitchen, a luminous living room opening to a south facing terrace and three comfy rooms with plenty space to relax, store everything, and even get some work done (preferably not…).

But the biggest advantage here is that you can still hop over to the Villa and enjoy the pool, join yoga lessons, dinners and BBQ’s, and, in a word, the lively and friendly atmosphere Surf Cascais is know for.


- Breakfast is included;

- Fully equipped kitchen for all other meals you wish to cook (with….);

- Outside deck to enjoy those meals;

- 2 rooms with shared bathroom and 1 Suite;

- Toilet downstairs;

- Air-conditioning in all rooms;

- Wifi;

- Parking;

- Tv;

- & much more!

Book now your stay with us, either at the classic Surf Villa or at our new Surf House (open all year-round)!

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